Why use Trusted Yacht Delivery?

  • Protecting your vessel and ensuring the safety of everyone on board is our #1 priority.
  • Your vessel will be delivered in a timely, safe and professional manner.
  • Yacht delivery is more cost effective than shipping your vessel.
  • Maximize your time enjoying your vessel and minimize your time spent on care and preparation.

For all your Delivery needs

  • Repositioning for Boat Shows
  • Delivery to New Owners
  • Transfers Between Dealerships
  • Seasonal Transport Needs
  • Delivery to the boatyard for Repairs
  • Holiday & Vacation Delivery & Return
  • Vessel Port-to-Port Delivery

Recent Boat Relocation Routes

  • Miami, FL to Daytona Beach, FL
  • Cape May, NJ to Stuart, FL
  • Tampa Bay, FL to Miami, FL
  • Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Clearwater, FL
  • Tampa Bay, FL to Mobile, AL
  • Miami, FL to New Orleans, LA
  • Cape Coral, FL to West Palm Beach, FL
  • Stuart, FL to St. Petersburg, FL
  • Ft Lauderdale, FL  to Charleston, SC
  • Miami, FL to Annapolis, MD

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Yacht Delivery and Boat Captain Service

Captain Dave Subers Stuart FL
Captain Dave Subers. Boat delivery and charter captain located in Stuart, FL

My name is Captain Dave Subers and I specialize in charter and boat delivery service.

I have a USCG 100-ton masters license with thousands of miles of experience. I live in Stuart, FL and have many licensed Captains, Mates and Engineers available to ensure the right person is available for your delivery, based on your needs and the needs of the boat.

Trusted Yacht Delivery is based in Stuart, Florida, specializes in the transport of motor vessels, powerboats and commercial vessels on the water, using their own power. We have many qualified Captains up and down the East Coast ready to serve owners, brokers, dealers and manufacturers. Captain Dave and his team will deliver your vessel to the port of your choice along the U.S. Atlantic & Gulf Coasts, the Bahamas and the Caribbean or around the world. If wanna know more About Us or have any question? please visit FAQ.

Qualified Credentialed Captains and Crew to Deliver your Boat

Depending on the delivery, we have Captains and Crew available with various skill sets to best match your delivery. Most of our Captains have 1,000s of hours of Offshore deliveries, some with vast Bahamas and Caribbean knowledge, and many with mechanical degrees and skillsets that best match up with older boats that may require more mechanical attention.

Satellite Tracking & Communications

Trusted Yacht Delivery Satellite Tracking Miami to New Orleans

Trusted Yacht Delivery utilizes the latest satellite technology service to show the progress of your vessel during deliveries. From the moment we leave the dock until we reach your intended destination you can monitor our progress.

This service also gives us satellite communications with you, the Coast Guard or anyone else that we may need to reach when we are outside of normal cellular communications.

From our Blog

We like to keep our customers up to date from time to time with articles that deal with moving a boat or boat deliveries. Please check back for the latest installments to our blog.

New Boat Owner Training and Skipper Saver Experience

If you are looking for a captain to help you learn how to operate your new boat or if you would like skipper saver training to better understand how to run the boat in case the captain falls ill, give Trusted Yacht Delivery and Charter a call. We offer training in your boat so you can learn the safe way to operate your boat in close quarters.

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Delivering the Treasure Ship ahead of Hurricane Dorian

If you are looking to have your boat delivered to the yard for an impending hurricane or routine maintenance, call Captain Dave Subers and Trusted Yacht Delivery for a fast and free quote. We are happy to pickup and deliver your boat and then return to it’s slip when the hurricane is over or maintenance work has been completed.

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Pig Island Abacos Bahamas

Boat Captain in the Abacos Bahamas

We have extensive knowledge of all the great places to see when traveling through the Abacos. Have us help you plan your trip to make it a trip of a lifetime. We offer experienced captains and capable crew to make your next vacation in the Abacos, hassle-free, fun and exciting. Our experience will ensure you and your guests experience all of the great wonders that the Abacos have to offer. Call us today to customize your vacation.

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Sailboat Delivery Stuart FL

Relief Captain and Crew for Owner Assisted Yacht Delivery

Professional Yacht Captain for Owner-Assisted Passages, Owner-Assisted Deliveries, and Relief Captain Duties. If you are a shorthanded boat owner or a newbie boat owner who needs help relocating your vessel to another destination, Captain Dave Subers can help you. Having an experienced captain onboard is something that can be very helpful – whether you are shorthanded for a passage, in

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Boat Captain Stuart FL

Captain for Hire for Yacht Delivery

If you are going on a lengthy trip in unfamiliar waters, hiring a knowledgeable captain who can provide essential navigation expertise is always a good idea. Whether you need some relief for an upcoming voyage or you simply want to have a trusted captain onboard with you, Trusted Yacht Delivery will provide the assistance you need.  If you are thinking

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Yacht Delivery Stuart FL Sunset

Florida Boat Captain for Delivery and Charter

Florida Captain Dave Subers has a great deal of experience in relocating and delivering vessels in and around ports, canals, rivers, marinas, homes, and ICWs along Florida’s navigable waterways. I have also done vessel reposition voyages in all of Florida’s inlets, ports, and intercostal waterways. So if you are looking for a Florida captain who has done and is capable

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