About Trusted Yacht Delivery

I am Captain Dave Subers. I am a licensed Merchant Marine Officer who has many years of boating experience all over the East Coast, Chesapeake and Delaware Bay and Florida. Whether your vessel is motorboat or a sailboat, my team and I can safely deliver or relocate it to ports along the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and the United States East, Atlantic and Gulf Coasts.

Our captains have thousands of USCG documented days of sea time that translates into experience you will appreciate when it comes to moving your boat to its intended destination.

Trusted Yacht Delivery is conveniently based in Florida and employs Captains and crew all up and down the East Coast of the United States. If you need to move a motor vessel or sailboat to another port, we have the experience personnel you are seeking. All of our crew have the experience necessary to know how to deal with problems that typically occur during long voyages, ranging from simple to complex boat repairs. 

Prior to scheduling a delivery, we recommend that you take your vessel out for a sea trial. The trial involves tuning up the engines (for motor boats), checking the standing and running rigging (for sailboats), and visually inspecting the safety equipment, engine compartments, decks, and hull. 

Also, don’t forget to have the following items onboard to ensure that the voyage is smooth and safe:

  • Spare parts (fuel filters, light bulbs, extra oils, proper tools, hoses, etc.)
  • Working VHF radio and GPS
  • Spot light
  • Anchor and ample rode

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Even at slow speeds, powerboats normally consume a lot of fuel. So if you are the owner of a powerboat who wants to avail a vessel relocation or yacht delivery service, don’t be surprised if you will have to spend more on fuel than for the crew’s total fee. 

Or if you are a sailboat owner with tight expectations, please be aware that I may have to use the engine occasionally to help move your yacht whenever we are not reaching ideal speeds or not sailing against the wind and current. As a licensed captain who performs boat deliveries, it’s my job to help your vessel reach its desired destination by any means necessary, including having to use your sailboat’s engine in certain situations.

If you want to know how much fuel your vessel will need for a boat relocation, then you should do a fuel consumption burn before scheduling a delivery. We have an easy step-by-step guide on how to do a fuel consumption burn on our FAQ page.

For vessel deliveries and relocations, boat owners deserve an experienced and licensed captain who will get their vessel to its target destination in a timely manner while keeping the crew, the passengers (if there are any), and the boat safe and sound. 

So, if you are searching for a boat captain who has all of the necessary experience and expertise to make your vessel relocation or delivery an astounding success, look no further than Trusted Yacht Delivery.