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Recent Delivery: 2020 53′ Tiara Coupe: Hobe Sound, FL to Westbrook, CT

Yacht Transportation & Boat Delivery Florida

Trusted Yacht Delivery and Captain Dave Subers is a Florida-based vessel relocation business specializing in navigating the waters of the United States, Bahamas and the Caribbean. We offer boat delivery service to your specified destination in a safe and efficient manner.

Boat Delivery Services

Whether it’s a commercial vessel, motor vessel, sailing yacht, or powerboat, as long as the vessel is on the water and in running condition, we take pride in our ability to safely relocate and deliver any motor or sailing yacht to your intended destination.

As a responsible captains, there are 2 things that we prioritize in every vessel relocation:

  1. The safety of everybody onboard the yacht
  2. The proper care and protection of the vessel

We serve various types of clients, from manufacturers and brokers to dealers and owners. TYD specializes in making efficient vessel deliveries to ports around the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the U.S. Atlantic East Coast, and the Gulf Coasts.

Captain Dave Subers is a licensed captain who also happens to be a yacht, sailboat, and powerboat delivery specialist who has owned many boats over the past 25 years giving him practical knowledge of all systems.

Private Boat Handling Instruction

New to boating? Looking for a little help before striking out on your own? At Trusted Yacht Delivery, we also provide private instruction on boat handling, docking, anchoring, navigation, safety and much more.

With years of practical experience on many different types of vessel, we are the best qualified option to help you tune your skillset when it comes to operating your boat.

Boat Purchase Consultation

Looking to purchase a new boat? At Trusted Yacht Delivery we can provide unbiased guidance helping you determine the best option for your needs. We are experienced boaters with many boat purchases under our belts.

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We also have many captains that have the mechanical expertise to understand exactly what you would be undertaking if your purchase needed work. Do go it alone, contact us to help you sift through the noise so you can make the right choices when it comes to your new boat.

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We provide motor vessel and sailing yacht delivery and relocation services that are not only professional, but also dependable. We can also deliver and relocate new construction vessel builds for dealerships and manufacturers, from the shipyard to the point of sale. 

Instead of using boat shipping to move vessels from one point to another, having your yacht relocated or delivered by a trustworthy Captain is a better, more cost-effective alternative.

Some of the most common reasons why vessel and yacht owners are unable to relocate their boats themselves are unpredictable weather conditions and time constraints. My business and the services it offers are here for the convenience and peace of mind of boat owners who are too busy to handle the much-needed water vessel relocation duties themselves. My yacht and boat delivery services are safe, efficient and reliable, so you can rest assured that your precious water vessel is in good hands. If you wanna know more About Us or have any question? please visit FAQ.

Yacht Delivery

Delivery Captain, Dave Subers provides repositioning voyages from one location to another, and offers deliveries for vessels on the water. Our services will allow you to spend most of the voyage enjoying your new and exciting playground and doing anything you please, instead of having to worry about navigating your yacht throughout the trip. 

Our yacht delivery and relocation services include deliveries to new owners, vessel relocations to new cruising grounds, transfers between dealerships, moving the yacht for the upcoming season, repositioning for boat shows and moving your boat to the yard for service. With Captain Dave Subers, expect that your yacht will be delivered in excellent condition by one of the best captains in the industry. 

Serving clients throughout the Caribbean, the Gulf and East Coast of the United States, Intracoastal Waterway, Inland Rivers and the Bahamas.

Long Distance Deliveries

Long distance delivery jobs are physically demanding and usually continue for several days up to weeks depending on the distance. In these situations, the Captain will require an additional crewmember to assist with the delivery. 

Crew members are necessary in order assist with watches, docking and anchoring in order to safely deliver your vessel. On long distance deliveries, you can expect that your vessel will arrive to you in excellent condition.

A report regarding the overall condition of your vessel will be provided to you upon completion of the boat delivery.


Vacation Yacht Delivery

If you want to make the most out of your vacation with family or friends, have your vessel delivered straight to your vacation destination instead of having to take it there yourself. This eliminates the need to plan and navigate your boat to the desired location. It also frees up your time, allowing you to solely focus your attention on enjoying your vacation and having fun. At the end of your vacation, you can have your vessel safely returned to your home port eliminating the burden of a return trip.

We understand that time can indeed be limited to some vacationers. If that’s the case, Captain Dave Subers and his experienced crew can assist in delivering your vessel (we also provide Captain services if you would like us to manage your entire trip). We will come to your home port and pilot your vessel to your desired vacation spot, giving you the convenient option to book a plane to your destination and arrive there early. After the vacation, your yacht will be safely returned to your property.

Vessel Port-to-Port Delivery

For vessels that need to be transferred to a new location, Captain Dave Subers and his experienced crew can handle one-way vessel deliveries with ease. Whether it’s a motor or sailing yacht, we can safely deliver it from any port to the boat dock or harbor of your choice.

As a delivery captain for hire who prioritizes the safety of his clients’ vessels, Captain Dave Subers will use near coastal ocean routes for vessel deliveries whenever possible, making every yacht delivery as safe as it can be. Aside from that, Captain Dave Subers will do his best to move the vessel mostly when the sun is up and select the route that is safest for sailing.

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