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Crew training by Captain Marc Blankenship

Check Ride Certification – Insurance Underwriters Evaluation Sign Off by Captain

If your insurance company requested an evaluation and/or training, you can get either (or both) from Captain Dave Subers.

New boat owners as well as experienced yachters with new policies are often requested to have a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain sign off on the yacht owner’s vessel familiarity and operation before the new boat’s insurance policy goes into effect.

Captain Dave Subers can provide an evaluation of a boat owner’s familiarity and operating capabilities. Also, if needed, he can provide training to new owners in order for them to be signed off for insurance purposes and also to ensure they are able to operate a boat safely on their own.

Those who have just recently bought a new boat may be required by their insurance company to have an experienced professional captain onboard with them throughout their entire voyage, from place of purchase to the vessel’s new home port. Captain Dave Subers is a United States Coast Guard Licensed Master with many years of seagoing experience.

The following are required in order to be signed off by Captain Dave Subers:

  • Must possess basic understanding of vessel navigation
  • Must be able to demonstrate competence in operating the vessel safely in a channel and in close quarter maneuvers
  • Must possess basic knowledge of the vessel’s equipped systems operation, basic repairs, and maintenance
  • Must know where to find and how to use the vessel’s required safety equipment


If the owner is able to demonstrate to the captain that he/she has the ability to competently operate the vessel safely, then this could be a simple evaluation and sign off. However, if you are unfamiliar with the vessel and its systems, Captain Dave can provide training to you.

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