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Typical Yacht Delivery Summary

Customers usually reach out to us either by phone or through our online yacht delivery quote form. We recommend using the quote form whenever practical so we can provide an accurate estimate using the information provided about the delivery. Once submitted, you can expect our estimate within 24 hours and followed up by a phone call to review any areas that may need to be discussed regarding the delivery, schedule and logistics.

After we’ve agreed on a plan and price and the contracts have been signed, we will commission the crew for the days required and make the necessary travel arrangements for the captain and any necessary crew. Prior to the desired departure date, the captain and crew will travel to the vessel as cost effectively as possible in an effort to the the travel expenditures as reasonable as possible. 

If possible, we will meet you at your vessel the day before departure to review any last minute items and familiarize ourselves with the boat. If a meeting is not possible, we will communicate via phone and carry on with our usual pre-departure procedures, including vessel familiarization and engine checks. Once everything is set, we will head to the nearest grocery store and buy enough food and supplies for the captain and crew to last the entire trip. Once the provisioning is done, we will return to the boat and prepare for departure.


Prior to departure, the following tasks are usually completed:

  • Complete vessel familiarization
  • Check all fluid levels and fill as needed.
  • Fill the fuel tanks (and jerry cans as needed)
  • Review the weather for the day and extended trip period
  • Review the route and program all waypoints into the GPS
  • Review the tides at the intended inlet for the time period of arrival
  • Speak with the dockmaster about any local knowledge that would be helpful
  • Call BoatUS at the next port for a trip report on our intended route
  • Set alarm 

In order to arrive early at our desired marina or anchorage, we will remain underway until sunset (powerboat) or through the night (sailboats only) until we reach our destination. Depending on the number of crew and logistics of the trip, we will make as few stops as necessary. Once at our intended destination for the day, a crew member will assist the captain in anchoring as well as preparing mooring lines and fenders prior to docking. Once the vessel is docked (or anchored), we will perform the necessary precautions to ensure your boats safety for the evening.

The following day we will get moving again before the sun rises. We will check all fluid levels; including fuel, engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant levels as well as our holding tanks for water and waste before getting underway. While underway, we will continue to monitor the vessel’s fuel level in order to estimate our fuel burn and when/where we will need to make a stop for fuel. Once we land at our next destination, we will head to the fuel dock and refill, top off the water tanks, have the boat pumped out (if necessary) and take out all of the trash.

Typically we run with a captain and one crew member so there is someone on watch at all times. When travelling offshore during long crossings we will work around the clock in 3 hour shifts to ensure there is someone on watch at all times. The additional crew member is critical to ensure a safe passage and is an additional set of eyes when arriving at the inlet, channel or marina; including those moments when we may have to slow down or wait for the appropriate time to account for a tidal change.

Nearly every delivery is bound to cross paths with an intercoastal or inland waterway. For this reason, we have to time bridge openings and try to arrive at some bridges before the scheduled opening time. Assuming that the vessel is less than 64 vertical feet, we will be able to pass through many fixed bridges (not all are 65 feet, however) and have to request access or arrive before the scheduled opening time for all other bridges.


Once we finally arrive at the destination point, we will do the following measures:

  • Dock the boat in the slip and tie it off
  • Position fenders appropriately
  • Clean the interior of the vessel
  • Remove any trash
  • Clean refrigerator and remove leftover food
  • Replace any instrument and sail covers
  • Stow lines neatly
  • Hose off the boat’s exterior (if a hose is available)


Upon the completion of your vessel’s delivery, we will process any payment remaining or accept a check for payment. Once complete, the captain and crew will make their way back home in the most cost effective manner possible.

Within 2-3 days you will receive an email with our delivery report that will outline any issues we encountered (along with photographs) to make you aware of the condition of the boat and if any issues need to be repaired.

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