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Boat Delivery vs Yacht Delivery

Boat delivery is the process of relocating small motor boats and sailboats – under their own power – from a designated departure marina to the client’s chosen destination marina or dock. Yacht delivery, on the other hand, is a slightly similar process involving the relocation of larger boats and sailboats that can’t be hauled with a truck or put on a trailer.

Even though Captain Dave Subers’ Trusted Yacht Delivery is based in Florida, we can relocate boats anything from the Bahamas and the Caribbean to the U.S. Gulf Coast and the Inland waterways.

If you have a boat that needs to be moved to another location – but is too big to be hauled or put on a trailer, Captain Dave Subers will gladly move your boat on the water, under its own power.

Relocating large boats to a new destination

Before you buy a larger boat, consider how you’re going to move it to its new destination.

The issue when relocating larger boats (any boat over 8.5 feet wide or 13.6 feet tall) on land is that it’s either impossible, expensive or not allowed by the law. Although you can use expensive permits, wide load signs, and escorts to get away with it, you still won’t be able to go under any highway bridges, overpasses, and power lines as they will prevent you from going any further than 13.6 feet.

If you are landlocked, perhaps the only option for you is to hire a company that will relocate your boat by disassembling, shipping and reassembling it. However, if you happen to be situated on a coastline or river, then hire Captain Dave Subers for an over the water boat delivery job that is easier, faster and more affordable compared to other available options like disassembly and reassembly. 

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Imagine the amount of work involved in boat disassembly and reassembly. You would have to take the radar arches off the boat, remove the mast, disconnect all of the electronics, drive everything to the new location, and reassemble it all together again. That’s too much work for something that can be done in a simpler way, which is why you should hire Captain Dave Subers for faster and quicker boat relocations. If you wanna know more About Us or have any question? please visit FAQ.

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