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Yacht Delivery Stuart FL Sunset

Florida Boat Captain for Delivery and Charter

Florida Captain Dave Subers has a great deal of experience in relocating and delivering vessels in and around ports, canals, rivers, marinas, homes, and ICWs along Florida’s navigable waterways.

I have also done vessel reposition voyages in all of Florida’s inlets, ports, and intercostal waterways. So if you are looking for a Florida captain who has done and is capable of doing just about everything, Captain Dave Subers is your guy.

My years of experience as a Florida boat captain has allowed me to become familiar with the inside and outside routes of Florida’s navigable waterways, as well as bridge clearances, water depths, and opening times. I also know when and where to change course and which points to enter on the intercoastal waterways.

Since Florida is encompassed by shallow waters, hiring a Florida captain who possesses extensive local knowledge and is familiar with the best routes is of utmost importance for the sake of your vessel’s safety. In this case, hiring an inexperienced captain may put your vessel at risk of grounding whenever traversing unfamiliar routes, including shoaling areas.

In addition, a smart and observant Florida captain who knows how to read and follow tidal patterns will keep your boat away from any trouble while moving on the water. Captain Dave Subers is that kind of Florida captain.

As an experienced Florida captain, I know how to avoid shallow and rocky places along Florida’s waterways. I also know how to safely pilot a vessel, big or small, in the busiest shipping ports and shipping channels of Tampa and Tampa Bay.

Florida is full of busy seaports that require vigilant awareness from captains who wish to cross them. Aside from Tampa, other extremely important areas where caution should be practiced at all times are the ports of Fernandina, Fort Pierce, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Port Miami, Pensacola, and Canaveral, among others.

The big bend area is another important location that Florida Captain Dave Subers has experience crossing. In this area, knowledge about a vessel’s fuel burn rate and fuel capacity is extremely vital as last chance stops for diesel are very rare. Knowing about your vessel’s draft and fuel type is also equally important as the two will help you determine how far to go and when to cross over.

Do you want your precious boat to be piloted by a newbie captain who doesn’t know that much about Florida’s waterways? Of course not! That is why you should only hire an experienced captain like Captain Dave Subers for all of your vessel relocation and delivery needs.

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Captain Dave Subers is a yacht delivery and vessel relocation specialist who has a wealth of experience traveling the waters of Florida, including the inside and outside routes. Give us a call today so we can discuss how we are going to move your precious boat. If you wanna know more About Us or have any question? please visit FAQ.

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Yacht Delivery Stuart FL Sunset


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