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Captain for Hire for Yacht Delivery

If you are going on a lengthy trip in unfamiliar waters, hiring a knowledgeable captain who can provide essential navigation expertise is always a good idea. Whether you need some relief for an upcoming voyage or you simply want to have a trusted captain onboard with you, Trusted Yacht Delivery will provide the assistance you need. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a boat or you’ve recently just bought a yacht, Captain Dave Subers and Trusted Yacht Delivery can help get it home for you.

If you were forced to abandon your boat due to harsh weather conditions or an untimely mechanical breakdown, Captain Dave Subers and Trusted Yacht Delivery can help bring your boat to your destination.

At Trusted Yacht Delivery we have extensive knowledge of boat handling, weather and vessel maintenance. Our yacht delivery services cover both sailing and power yachts and are available for boat owners, boat manufacturers, and brokers who need their vessels delivered to another location by water on their respective hulls.

As a licensed boat captain based in South Florida, Captain Dave Subers and Trusted Yacht Delivery can provide unassisted or owner-assisted boat, yacht and vessel deliveries that are both safe and dependable.

Captain Dave Subers is a skilled and professional captain who prioritizes the safety of the guests and the yacht. So if the task involves moving a water vessel around the Caribbean, the Gulf Coast, the Atlantic, or Florida, Captain Dave Subers and Trusted Yacht Delivery is the right team for the job.

Other than providing the usual services that a boat captain for hire offers, Captain Dave Subers is also willing to be an instructional captain for new boat owners who need to learn more about hands-on training, vessel orientation, expert navigational charting, and general boat handling skills. Captain Dave Subers is also more than willing to work with children and teach them how to drive a boat under supervision.

Consider hiring the team at Trusted Yacht Delivery for local or long distance deliveries with or without the owner onboard. Either way, TYD will safely get your vessel to the intended destination in a timely and efficient manner.

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When you hire someone like Captain Dave Subers, the level of service you will get is nothing short of professional and outstanding. He is a highly experienced boat captain who offers expert captain services that include, but are not limited to, relief, deliver, relocation, chartering, and instruction.

His extensive knowledge of boating routes, piloting techniques, mechanical systems, and vessel maintenance and troubleshooting is a guarantee that your vessel, whether motor or sailing, will safely arrive at its destination. If you wanna know more About Us or have any question? please visit FAQ.


I'm Captain Dave Subers. Call me personally (855-373-0700) and I'll be happy to to answer any questions you may have about boat deliveries.

Boat Captain Stuart FL
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Why use Trusted Yacht Delivery?

  • Protecting your vessel and ensuring the safety of everyone on board is our #1 priority.
  • Your vessel will be delivered in a timely, safe and professional manner.
  • We attempt to transport the vessel mostly during daylight and choose the safest route considering weather conditions.
  • Yacht delivery is more cost effective than shipping your vessel.
  • Maximize your time enjoying your vessel and minimize your time spent on care and preparation.

For all your Delivery needs

  • Repositioning for Boat Shows
  • Delivery to New Owners
  • Transfers Between Dealerships
  • Seasonal Transport Needs
  • Delivery to the boatyard for Repairs
  • Holiday & Vacation Delivery & Return
  • Vessel Port-to-Port Delivery

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